During the Td Training Module we will provide insights into historical, political and theoretical foundations of transdisciplinary re­search that have emerged in different communities and world regions and create a space to gain prac­tical experiences in designing trans­disciplinary research processes. We will explore different methodologies and frameworks, principles and design elements of transdisciplinary research and get an overview of methods for collaborative, transdisciplinary research. Du­ring the two days, we will elaborate transdisciplinary case study designs in small groups. The case study de­signs will be developed in 20steps that will gui­de you from the framing of a problem to the develop­ment of implementation strategies of results.

It is our overall objective to create strong links to your fields of activities. Therefore we will jointly select the cases ba­sed on sug­gestions from the participants. A case could be a problem field that your current research or professional activity is related to, and which you want to further develop towards a transdisciplinary approach. Alternatively, it could be an is­sue that you are planning to work on in the future. By jointly developing the transdisciplinary case study de­sign, you will have the chance to apply principles, design elements and me­thods that will be introduced during the first days of the Td Training Module. Working together in groups with scien­tists and practitioners will allow you to experience the different perspectives on cases in transdisciplinary research processes and to discuss diverse roles, tasks and responsibilities of involved persons.