The conference will be held at Azerbaijan University, Baku, Azerbaijan.


Travel and Accomodation

Azerbaijan is a country of revelations

Discovering the land and its people is a new and unique experience. It takes you on a different journey every time, and opens the mind to see something new. Because when people share time with us, we reveal a great many mysteries. See how life can be when you let your curiosity flourish


The historical centre of Baku reveals its tumultuous past, from its roots as a Persian capital, through its oil boom to its Soviet occupation. The old city is a maze of alleys, mosques, historic buildings and remnants of fortification, including the Palace of the Shirvanshahs and the Maiden Tower, now listed among UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. Much more than a historic site, the city hosts vibrant arts and cultural activities, as well as a bustling modern business sector.

Traveling to Azerbaijan will normal require a visa.  This are obtain from for $20

The University has arrange special rates at a number of hotels of different levels of luxury.  This list will be available on requests.

The University can offer advice on travel and accommodation but will not become involved in booking it.