Dean of the Faculty of ICT Asif Pashayev was presented with a special ICPC award

Azerbaijan University was represented at the symposium dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) organized by the Innovation and Digital Development Agency. The event was attended by Asif Pashayev, Dean of the Faculty of ICT, the members of the teams that represented Azerbaijan University in the aforementioned competition in the current year and previous years (Mammad Karimli - 2017 graduate; Eyyub Hajiyev - 2018 graduate; Javid Hasanli - 2017 graduate; Rashid Abbaszada - 2017 graduate; Vagif Gulmammadov - 2017 graduate; Ulvi Sadigzada - Information Technologies, 2nd year student; Yunis Badalov - Information Security, 2nd year student). 

Panel sessions on the ICPC movement, the impact of programming Olympiads on the IT industry and the role of the country in digitalization were organized within the framework of the symposium. Discussions were held on increasing the interest of students and young people in the field of programming and IT. Also, the high results shown by local universities in international competitions were brought to the attention. It was noted that the regional group, which includes Azerbaijan, currently occupies a leading place in the world.

Team coaches who have been active for more than 5 years, including Asif Pashayev, Dean of the Faculty of ICT, were presented a special award at the symposium. 

It should be noted that the event was organized within the framework of the “Development of Preparation System for the International Programming Olympiads” project of the Technest scholarship program. The event was attended by representatives of government agencies, heads of higher education institutions, representatives of the “ICPC Azerbaijan” organizing committee, heads of student teams, participants of the programming competition, graduates who represented Azerbaijan in this competition in different years, as well as local and international experts.

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