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prof. Louise Dalingwater, Sarbonna Universiteti, Paris

Louise Dalingwater is professor of British political economy and society at Sorbonne Université, Paris, France. Her research focuses on health, wellbeing and gender inequalities in the United Kingdom. Recent publications include a book on the UK service economy (Les Services britanniques au 21e siècle: une etude interdisciplinaire, Presses universitaire de Nancy, 2015), a forthcoming monograph on health services, and several book chapters including “Gender inequalities in Britain : Bridging the gap in pay and prospects” (Emerald Group Publishing, 2017) and “Women’s work/life balance and career success in the UK: A necessary trade off? ” (in print). She has also authored academic papers including Neoliberalism and gender inequality in the workplace in Britain” (Revue Française de Civilisation Britannique 2018) and “Gender inequalities and wellbeing in the workplace : A tale of two nations”, (CRINI 2016). She is part of the European Network on Inclusive Approaches to Trade Policymaking (ENIATP) and the Precision Health network (an international research project led by the Universities of Lund and Malmo in Sweden).