• The articles are accepted in Azerbaijani, English and Russian languages.
  • The submitted article should be written in Microsoft Word: volume up to 5 pages; format A4; font Times New Roman; 14 pt; 2.0 cm on each side; 1.5 line spacing; paragraph 1.25.
  •  Keywords should be written before reference list. If the abstract is presented in Azerbaijani or Russian, the English summary should be added at the end.
  • The conference registration fee is 50 USD. 

The content of the article should be as follows:

  • The title of the article in capital letters, in bold font (size 14)
  • The author's first name, last name in bold font (size 14)
  • The name of organization and city (size 12)
  • Reference to sources in the text of the abstract should be given in square brackets (in accordance with the reference number) (eg: [1], [2]). The list of references should be given at the end of the abstract in an alphabetical order by numbering (square brackets) (size 14).

 The authors should send their abstract to the address: sd2018@au.edu.az