Instruction for authors

Working languages ​​of the conference

  • Azerbaijani, Russian, English

Thesis preparation rules

  • Volume up to 3 pages, format A4, font Times New Roman, size 12, 2.0 cm on each side, 1.5 spacing, paragraph 1.25.
  • Keywords must appear before the bibliography. If the material is presented in Azerbaijani or Russian, the title and summary of the article in English should be attached at the end of the thesis.

The structure of the thesis

  • Thesis title in capital letters, bold (size 12)
  • Author's surname, name, patronymic in bold (size 12)
  • Organization and city name, e-mail in plain font (size 11)
  • In the text of the thesis, the reference to the sources is given in square brackets (according to the number of the reference in the bibliography) (eg [1], [2]). A list of references shuld be given at the end of the thesis, in alphabetical order and numbered (size 12). 

The address where the theses will be sent