An event dedicated to November 8 Victory Day was held at Azerbaijan University

An event dedicated to November 8 Victory Day was held at Azerbaijan University

07 november 2023

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An event dedicated to "November 8 - Victory Day" was held at Azerbaijan University. The National Anthem was played at the event, and the event participants commemorated the martyrs who died for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan with a minute of silence.

At the event organized by the Department of Political Sciences, students and graduates of the university who participated in the Patriotic War - Javad Ibrahimov (Translation, 2020 graduate), Ravan Ismayilov (Accounting, 4th year student), Nacmeddin Nazarov (Accounting, 4th year student), Elvin Madinov ( Computer engineering, 3rd year student) and Huseyn Hajiyev (Computer engineering, 2nd year student) also participated.

The head of the Department of Political Sciences, Doctor of Philosophy in Political Sciences Elvin Talishinski congratulated the staff of Azerbaijan University on the occasion of the Victory Day and noted that the people of Azerbaijan are rightly proud of this victory. The head of the department said that in the first years of the restoration of independence, Azerbaijan faced numerous threats and went through severe trials, and 20 percent of the internationally recognized lands of the country remained under the occupation of Armenia for 30 years. "With the victory of Karabakh, which we have been happy and proud of for 3 years, a new and extremely important historical stage in the history of our nation has begun. Azerbaijan restored its territorial integrity with the victory which was achieved under the leadership of the victorious Supreme Commander Ilham Aliyev and went down in world military history. Today, our glorious flag is flying everywhere in Azerbaijan," added Elvin Talishinski.

After that, the guest of the event, chairman of the Public Union for the Publicization of Armenian Aggression, veteran of the Karabakh war, writer, publicist Seriaya Jafarova made a speech and noted that the people of Azerbaijan will always cherish and keep alive the memory of the martyrs who gave them the historical victory.

Later, Sakina Nadirova, a second-year master's student studying the new and newest historical specialty of Azerbaijan, spoke on the topic "Shusha battles in the memories of special forces".

After the speeches, the event participants watched the documentary "If I have an army, I have a country". The film is about the operation to liberate Shusha from occupation, which decided the fate of the 44-day Patriotic War.

The event ended with a composition dedicated to Victory Day.

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