Azerbaijan University hosted an event on the topic “Know your past, save your future”

Azerbaijan University hosted an event on the topic “Know your past, save your future”

23 february 2023

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Azerbaijan University hosted an event dedicated to the Khojaly genocide on the topic “Know your past, save your future”. At the event, organized on initiative of the Ireli Public Association, memory of the genocide victims was honored, information was given on work done to bring the truth about Khojaly genocide to the whole world, recognizing this tragedy as an act of genocide against the Azerbaijani people, including results of the international campaign “Justice for Khojaly”, scale of which is expanding every year. 

Speeches were heard by Vise Rector for Scientific Affairs of Azerbaijan University Yusif Gasimov, Chairman of the Union of Parliamentary Journalists, honored journalist, general director of Modern Media Group Elshad Eyvazli, Chairman of Ireli Public Union Shahin Rahmanli at the event. In their speeches, the students were provided with information about causes and consequences of the Khojaly genocide. It was noted that bringing to the world community this tragedy committed in order to intimidate the Azerbaijani people, to break their fighting spirit, is important from the point of view of exposing Armenian fascism. Within the framework of international campaign “Justice for Khojaly”, launched in 2008 with the aim of raising international awareness about the Khojaly genocide, effective work is being carried out in this direction. In Azerbaijan and beyond, measures are being taken to commemorate the tragedy victims, to keep the genocide in memory, especially not to be forgotten by younger generation. It was stressed that with the Victory in Karabakh, blood of the Khojaly genocide victims, as well as our other martyrs, was avenged. 

At the end of event, students watched the film “Children who have not grown up”, prepared by Ireli Public Union. The film about children who lost both parents during the genocide was shot on the basis of the book “Children who have not grown up” written by journalist elshad Eyvazli, guest of the event. 

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