The second friendship debate of Social Work students was held

The second friendship debate of Social Work students was held

11 december 2023

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The second friendship debate was held between the students of Azerbaijan University and Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts (ASUCA) majoring in Social Work. At this time's debate, participants argued over the question “Should a child who has been abused in the family and placed in a state institution be adopted?”.

The meeting was held in the academic building of Azerbaijan University. Aykhan Gahramanov, a lecturer of the Department of Organization of Social Work, introduced students and jurors to the topic and rules of the debate, declared the debate open and gave the floor to the speakers.

The debate was attended by 6 debaters and 3 speakers from both universities. The first group speakers spoke about child abuse and the challenges faced by abused children. The second group speakers tried to refute the opinions of opponents with their arguments. The third group speakers offered solutions to the problem.

The jury positively evaluated the speech of the speakers and said that the debates will continue in this direction.

It should be noted that the first friendship debate among Social Work students was held at the ASUCA a year ago on the topic “Placement and non-placement of elderly people in nursing homes”.

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