Second Higher Education

Second higher education is carried out in full-time and part-time forms of education. Persons whose previous higher education or current position (not less than one year) corresponds to the chosen specialty may be admitted to receive the second higher education. The fulfillment of these conditions is determined by the competition commission at the educational institution.

Second higher education at Azerbaijan University is organized in the following specialties:

  • Marketing (part-time)
  • Accounting (part-time)
  • Social work (part-time)
  • Organization of tourism work (part-time)

Acceptance of documents for repeated higher education will be carried out on August 2-31, 2023 and only online via email

Tuition fee is 2000 manat per year for all programs.

The following documents are required for application:

  • Application in the name of the head of the educational institution
  • A copy of the document (diploma) on higher education, diploma supplement and academic transcript
  • Extract from the work book
  • Verification of employment
  • 4 3x4 photos
  • Copy of ID card
  • Health certificate