State-funded scholarship

According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated February 10, 2010 “On application of a new financing mechanism in higher education institutions”, all higher education institutions operating in accordance with the law, regardless of their form of ownership, including Azerbaijan University, participate in the implementation of the state order, in competition for admission of students under the state order. Starting in 2018, students of Azerbaijan University, regardless of the form of admission, are allowed to receive scholarships from the state budget.

In 2023, 353 students of Azerbaijan University, of which 303 are undergraduate students and 50 are master students, were awarded scholarships from the state budget. 109 scholarship students are studying on the basis of state order, and 244 on a paid basis. The monthly amount of scholarship for a bachelor is 100, 145, and 175 manats; for a master, it is 110, 160, and 195 manats, which depends on the student's academic performance and is re-evaluated at the end of each semester. 

Scholarship named after martyr Fakhraddin Gurbanli 

Azerbaijan University has established a scholarship named after martyr Fakhraddin Gurbanli in 2016. The scholarship is awarded to a student who has been admitted to the University with the highest point in the first semester of the first academic year from the 2016/2017. The total amount of the scholarship is 500 manat.

About Martyr Fakhraddin Gurbanli

Fakhraddin Seyfaddin Gurbanli was born in Binagadi district of Baku in 1994. He graduated from the secondary school No. 179 named after Korkmaz Bakhshiev.

He was admitted to the Social Work specialty of Azerbaijan University in 2011. He was an excellent and exemplary student. He has worked as a volunteer in some organizations and projects such as "Legal World" Legal Advocacy Public Union, SOS Children's Villages, UAFA (United Aid For Azerbaijan).

He graduated from Social Work Faculty in 2015 with the third degree. He was sent to military service in July of the same year. He was killed while preventing the provocation of the Armenian armed forces in the direction of the Terter region of the front line on April 9, 2016. He was buried in village cemetery in Pirshagi settlement of Sabunchu district. He was awarded the 3rd degree medal "For Distinction in Military Service" posthumously.