Intra-University Dual Degree Program

Intra-University Dual Degree Program

Azerbaijan University, which implements relevant activities, programs, and projects to prepare students for the business world, has undertaken another innovation to this end. Thus, starting in 2019, the intra-university dual degree (IUDD) program is being introduced, according to which students can receive 2 diplomas in 4 years. 

The program, which students with high academic performance can apply for, applies to students studying at the undergraduate level. Students who join the program can master two separate specialties, having received additional education in the second specialty. Students who have mastered two majors will become competitive specialists and will be able to adapt more flexibly to the requirements of the labor market.

Students who have completed the 1st year of the University, earned credits provided for in their main specialty, do not have academic debt, and have an average academic score from 85 to 100 can apply for participation in the program. 

To open the IUDD program in any of two specialties, it must be equal to at least 70 percent of subjects and credits allocated to them in the curricula of these specialties. To master the second specialty, it is required to collect corresponding credits by listening to non-common subjects between these specialties.

Students wishing to join the IUDD program should apply to the Academic Office of the University.

Intra-University Dual Degree Program Regulations (PDF)

For more information 
Academic Office of Azerbaijan University
Phone: (+99412) 431 41 12/13/16/17 (118)