Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities, being the same age as Azerbaijan University, was established in 1991 and operated under different names at different times. The faculty has been reorganized under this name since 2006 and mainly trained pedagogical personnel. 

Currently, about 1200 students study at the faculty in the specialty of Philology (Azerbaijani language and literature), Philology (English language and literature), Translation, Social work, History, Museum, archival work and preservation of monuments, Social-psychological service in education, Special Education, Philosophy, Political science, State and public relations, International relations, regional studies (on European countries). The most influential scientists and pedagogues of the Republic are sharing their knowledge and skills in the above-mentioned specialties.

Faculty staff

  • Safar Mammadov Ahmed - Dean
  • Gunay Ismayilova Arif - Deputy dean
  • Aytan Jafarova Idris - Assistant dean
  • Aysel Hamidova Mammad –Tutor
  • Ayshan Faxraddin Huseynova - specialist

Scientific departments

  • Department of Translation and Philology
  • Department of Political and Social Sciences
  • Department of Organization of Social Work

Faculty connection 

  • Phone: (+994 12) 431 41 12 /13/16 (168, 169)