Etnogenesis of the Azerbaijani people and the national identity issues

Etnogenesis of the Azerbaijani people 

and the national identity issues

International conference

October 28, 2022, Baku, Azerbaijan University

The conference is devoted to the investigation and discussion of the evidence of Azerbaijani Turks living in the Caucasus since ancient times, relations with neighbors, analysis of the ethnogenesis of the Azerbaijani people in the context of ethnic processes in the Caucasus, factors influencing the formation of Caucasian peoples, issues of ethnogenesis, philosophical aspects of ethnogenesis and identity, culture and art.

Organizing Committee


  • Saadat Aliyeva, Azerbaijan University


  • Yusif Gasimov, Azerbaijan University
  • Gabil Aliyev, Azerbaijan University
  • Yagub Mahmudov, Active Member of ANAS, Baku State University 
  • Guram Markhulia, Sokhumi State University (Georgia) 
  • Nizami Jafarov, Active Member of ANAS , Ataturk Center in Azerbaijan
  • Vefa Kurban, Ege University, Institute of Turkish World Studies
  • Musa Gasimli, Corresponding Member of ANAS
  • Anar Iskandarov, Baku State University  
  • Irada Huseynova, Baku State University 
  • Nushaba Guliyeva, Azerbaijan University
  • Sevinj Aliyeva, Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University 
  • Latifa Agamaliyeva, Azerbaijan University 
  • Maharram Gasimli, Corresponding Member of ANAS, Azerbaijan University 
  • Safar Mammadov, Azerbaijan University
  • Ulvia Rahimova, Azerbaijan University
  • Samira Mammadova, Azerbaijan University
  • Tunzala Verdiyeva, Azerbaijan University


  • History: Ethnogenesis of the Azerbaijani people in the context of ethnic processes in the Caucasus region
  • Ethnogenesis of the Caucasus people  
  • Philology: Problems of ethnogenesis in the style of philological thinking
  • Philosophy: Ethnogenesis and philosophical aspects of identity
  • Culture: The issue of national identity in the cultural and art monuments 

Plenary speakers

  • Active Member of ANAS, prof. Yagub Mahmudov
    How the formation process of the Azerbaijani people has been falsified
  • Active member of ANAS, prof. Nizami Jafarov
    Ethno-language processes in Azerbaijan in ancient times
  • Baha Ahmet Yilmaz
    The concept of identity and the role of the Republic of Turkiye in the foundation process: periods and dynamics

Instruction for autors

Working languages of the conference

  • Azerbaijani, Russian, English

Thesis preparation rules

  • Volume up to 3 pages, format A4, font Times New Roman, size 12, 2.0 cm on each side, 1.5 spacing, paragraph 1.25.
  • Keywords must appear before the bibliography. If the material is presented in Azerbaijani or Russian, the title and summary of the article in English should be attached at the end of the thesis.

The structure of the thesis

  • Thesis title in capital letters, bold (size 12)
  • Author's surname, name, patronymic in bold (size 12)
  • Organization and city name, e-mail in plain font (size 11)
  • In the text of the thesis, the reference to the sources is given in square brackets (according to the number of the reference in the bibliography) (eg [1], [2]). 
  • A list of references shuld be given at the end of the thesis, in alphabetical order and numbered (size 12).

The address where the theses will be sent

İmportant dates

  • Deadline for abstract submission:  September 25, 2022
  • The last acceptance notification date: October 16, 2022

Conference venue and contact

  • Azerbaijan University
    71 Jeyhun Hajibeyli st.
    Nasimi distr., Baku city
    The Respublic of Azerbaijan AZ1007
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: (+99412) 431 41 12/13/16 (Ext. 160)