Sustainable development and actual problems of humanitarian sciences


Republican Conference
“Sustainable development and actual problems of humanitarian sciences”
dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the national leader Heydar Aliyev's coming to power in Azerbaijan
October 24, 2019

Recently, a number of political, economic and social processes around the world require each country to design specific development strategies and puts demands on developing mechanisms for their implementation. In this regard, the Azerbaijani government has adopted a strategy to change the viewpoint of the country's economy, transition from the raw material economy to a new system of economic relations based on modern technologies. Implementation of this strategy should ultimately lead to the sustainable economic and social development of our country and to the improvement of the material well-being of the Azerbaijani people.

It is also necessary to involve the scientific potential of the country in the realization of all these issues. Because every decision made in modern conditions must be scientifically justified and should be implemented with the application of the most advanced technologies. Taking all these into consideration, Azerbaijan University is planning to hold a republican conference on "Sustainable development and actual problems of humanitarian sciences" in October.

Inviting a number of well-known foreign experts, discussing sustainable development strategies, investigating the problems facing humanities in this direction and preparing appropriate proposals are planned at the conference dedicated to the 50th anniversary of national leader Heydar Aliyev's first coming to power in Azerbaijan.

Organizing Committee


  • Saadat Aliyeva, Azerbaijan University, rector


  • Yusif Gasimov, Azerbaijan University
  • Nushaba Guliyeva, Azerbaijan University
  • Hikmat Alizadeh, Baku State University
  • Latifa Aghamaliyeva, Azerbaijan University
  • Asif Pashayev, Azerbaijan University
  • Safar Mammadov, Azerbaijan University
  • Gabil Aliyev, Azerbaijan University
  • Aygun Musayeva, Azerbaijan University
  • Ulviyya Rahimova, Azerbaijan University
  • Samira Mammadova, Azerbaijan University
  • Asif Hajiyev, Azerbaijan University
  • Mayis Aliyev, Azerbaijan University
  • Agil Khanmammadov, Azerbaijan University
  • Bahram Azizov, Azerbaijan University
  • Nariman Boyukkishi, Azerbaijan University 



  • Globalization and macroeconomic development
  • Modern problems of international economic relations
  • Innovative and digital economy
  • Production economy
  • Application of fuzzy logic in sustainable development
  • The role of ICT in the solution of humanitarian problems
  • Social development of different spheres of life
  • Social policy
  • Language and Literature
  • Social Sciences

Important dates

  • Məqalələrin göndərilməsi üçün son  tarix: 27 sentyabr 2019-cu il
  • Məqalənin qəbul olunması haqqında son məlumatlandırma tarixi: 4 oktyabr 2019-cu il

Instruction for authors

Conference languages – Azerbaijani, Russian, English

Compilation terms of articles

  • Volume: up to 3 pages; format A4; font Times New Roman; 14 pt; 2.0 cm on each side; 1.5 line spacing; paragraph 1.25.

Keywords should be written before reference list. If the abstract is presented in English or Russian, the Azerbaijani summary should be added at the end

Structure of the article

  • The title of the article in capital letters, in bold font (size 14)
  • The author's first name, last name in bold font (size 14)
  • The name of organization and city (size 12)

-      Reference to sources in the text of the abstract should be given in square brackets (in accordance with the reference number) (e.g.: [1], [2]). The list of references should be given at the end of the abstract in an alphabetical order by numbering (square brackets) (size 14).

  • The conference registration fee is 30 AZN. 

Conference venue and contact

Azerbaijan University
Nasimi distr., Jeyhun Hajibeyli st., 71 
Baku, Azerbaijan AZ1007
Phone: (+99412) 431 41 12/13/16/17 (Ext. 160)