Aysu Mirzayeva\`s paper was published in a prestigious scientific journal

Aysu Mirzayeva\\\'s paper was published in a prestigious scientific journal

27 october 2023

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The scientific paper “Phraseological units with two or more specific names of components” by Aysu Mirzayeva, a lecturer of the Translation and Philology Department, was published in the scientific journal “Universidad y Sociedad”, which is indexed in the Clarivate Analytics scientific database. 

The paper analyzes onomastic phraseological units of the English language, in which there are one, two or three anthroponymic combinations, the generalized image or expression of specific persons of personal names in phraseological units with an anthroponymic component, as well as the fact that although there are many units in the phraseological system of the English language that contain anthroponyms, some of them are more productive in phraseology.

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