Azerbaijan University starts a dual diploma program with Tuscia University

Azerbaijan University starts a dual diploma program with Tuscia University

26 january 2023

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The University of Azerbaijan and the University of Tuscia in Italy have signed an agreement to implement a joint MBA program in the field of marketing. The selection of students who want to participate in the international dual degree program will be made through an interview. Evaluation and selection of applicants will be based on academic performance and language assessment. The master's program, which is open to both local and international students, will be taught by professors from both universities. 

The duration of the program is two years. Master's degree students whose applications are accepted will study at the University of Azerbaijan in the first academic year, and at Tuscia University in Italy in the second academic year. Teaching at UNITUS is carried out mainly in Italian, as well as in English. Teaching at AU for participants of the program is conducted in English. The number of students that may participate in the Dual Degree Program from each institution will be decided on a yearly basis in February of the previous year.

Each university will publish a call for applications for the dual degree program yearly. Evaluation of the applications and applicant selection will be mainly based on their reasons for applying, academic career and the level of knowledge of the English language. Before starting the courses at the host university, student admitted to the dual degree program must possess a CEFR B1/B1+ level of English (although B2 is highly recommended). Those who have completed their studies successfully will be awarded diplomas from master's degrees and educational institutions.

It should be pointed out that the number of international dual diploma programs at Azerbaijan University has reached 2. Under the terms of the agreement signed with the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (XNURE) of Ukraine, an international bachelor's and master's dual degree program in computer engineering is implemented.

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