Azerbaijan University prepares for the next international conference

Azerbaijan University prepares for the next international conference

18 july 2023

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The International Conference on “Social Work & Social Research” will be held at Azerbaijan University on November 24-25, 2023. The purpose of this international event is for researchers working in this field to join the discussion of current issues in the field of social work and social policy, the exchange of experience in the field of development and application of modern technologies and social practices aimed at raising the social and psychological level of different categories of the population. The Conference, whose official language is English, will provide a scientific platform for discussing the practice of social work in times of crisis, the development of education in the field of social work, the establishment of international standards in this area, social protection of vulnerable groups and other similar issues.

The deadline for submitting theses to the Conference jointly organized by Washington University in St. Louis of the US, Sakarya University of Turkey and the Center for Social Research is August 30, 2023.

The conference panel sessions are planned to discuss topics such as the establishment of competencies, new skills and global standards in Social Work Education; Sustainable Development and social work education; Digitalization and ICT in Social Work Education; the Public health crisis; Social work with victims of war and military personnel; Vulnerable groups and social protection.

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