Three employees of Azerbaijan University are included to the “Experts Bank” of TKTA

Asif Pashayev, Dean of the Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies of Azerbaijan University, Tariyel Qani, Head of the Training Department; and Yusif Novruzov, Chief Methodist of the Department, were awarded the title of accreditation expert by successfully completing three modules on “Evaluation criteria for accreditation of ATMs” of expert training on quality assurance assessment. Certificates to our employees included in the “Expert Bank” of the Education Quality Assurance Agency were presented at the opening ceremony of the international forum titled “Quality assurance and quality strengthening in higher education” organized by the Agency.

It should be noted that the Education Quality Assurance Agency organizes accreditation processes of educational institutions in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan in accordance with its charter. Relevant trainings are organized by the Agency for candidates who want to participate in accreditation processes and have applied to the “Expert Bank” with a CV, and candidates who have successfully completed the training are certified. Only specialists who have obtained certificates are involved in the accreditation process as members of the relevant accreditation commission.

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