Head of Science Department Latifa Agamaliyeva received international “Scopus” certificate

Head of Science Department Latifa Agamaliyeva received international “Scopus” certificate

25 october 2023

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Head of the Science Department of Azerbaijan University, PhD in mathematics Latifa Aghamaliyeva completed the training “Scopus Certification Program for Librarians” of the Education Quality Assurance Agency and received an international certificate. The training was organized jointly with the Scopus scientific database. The purpose of the six-week training was to develop the following skills in the participants:

  • Awareness of the information needs provided by Scopus;
  • Skills necessary for practical use of the Scopus database and teaching it to others;
  • Strategies for finding additional information in the Scopus database.

To achieve this goal, the following 6 modules are included in the program:

  • Week 1: Introduction and up-to-date search
  • Week 2: Author identification
  • Week 3: Evaluation criteria
  • Week 4: Scopus APIs
  • Week 5: Institutional impact factors
  • Week 6: User Feedback

The training participants had to participate in video lessons and practice sessions, as well as complete certain tasks in real time at the end of each of the six modules in order to complete the course and obtain the Scopus certificate. To obtain a full certificate, it was required to pass all modules, complete all tasks and, in the end, score at least 80 points out of 100. It is noteworthy that Latifa Agamalieva, having scored 98 points in the end, showed one of the highest results.

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