Employees of the Social Services Agency met with students and graduates of Azerbaijan University

Employees of the Social Services Agency  met with students and graduates of Azerbaijan University

27 april 2023

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Employees of the Social Services Agency under the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population met with 3rd, 4th year students and new graduates of Azerbaijan University majoring in Social Work. At the event entitled “Take the first steps of your career with us”, participants were informed about the activities of the Social Services Agency and career opportunities in the agency.  

Head of the Department of Organization of Social Work, PhD in Pedagogy Tunzale Verdiyeva opened the event and introduced the guests to the students. Head of the department noted that the event was organized within the framework of the memorandum signed between the University and the Agency. 

Then Ulker Shahbazova, an employee of the HR Department of the Agency, spoke about the main activities of the organization, its tasks, service subjects, importance of social work specialization, stages of career research, career planning and its advantages, points to be paid attention to in the career path, Cv compilation rules and other topics.

Elgul Agarzayeva, another employee of the Agency's HR Department, in her speech gave information about personality temperament types, specialty-personality compatibility, compatibility of temperament types with the choice of specialty. 

The last speaker was Musa Amrakhov, the chief specialist of the Mobile Socio-Psychological Service Department of the Social Services Agency, a 2013 graduate of Azerbaijan University with a degree in Social Work. The chief specialist spoke about various situations that students may face in the future in their work life, and presented real examples.  

At the meeting, which was held in an interactive format, the guests also answered questions of interest to the audience.

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