Azerbaijan University will held admission to Corrective training speciality

Azerbaijan University will held admission to Corrective training speciality

14 july 2023

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Education and upbringing, rehabilitation and adaptation to active life of children and adolescents with special needs is one of the areas that require a special approach in the field of education. The “Corrective training” specialty in the III qualification group, a very important profession aimed at building the work carried out in this direction with high professionalism, trains specialists particularly in this area.

Azerbaijan University, which annually takes appropriate steps towards meeting the needs of business world for specialists who meet modern challenges, this year for the first time will hold an admission in the “Corrective training” specialty at undergraduate level. 20 positions were allocated in the admission plan for the specialty taught by the Department of Social Work Organization. Admission is carried out by state order of the State Examination Center and on a fee basis. For those who entered on a paid basis, the annual tuition fee is 2,500 manats.

More detailed information about the undergraduate admission plan of Azerbaijan University for the 2023/2024 academic year, admission conditions, student support projects, passing scores and privileged students can be obtained by clicking on the following link.

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