The scientific report of Azerbaijan University for 2023 was heard

The scientific report of Azerbaijan University for 2023 was heard

29 december 2023

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The reporting meeting on the results of scientific activities of the Azerbaijan University for 2023 was held. Opening the event, Yusif Gasimov, Vice-rector for Scientific Affairs, doctor of mathematics, stressed the importance of final scientific reports and evaluated the results of scientific research.

Afterwards, Latifa Agamaliyeva, head of the Science Department, Ph.D. in mathematics, gave a report on the performed scientific research works and made a wide presentation. The report covered topics such as scientometric indicators of the University, the scientific events held at the University, reports of international and national conferences, activities of scientific journals, international scientific cooperation, and published scientific works.

Latifa Agamaliyeva noted that Azerbaijan University retained its place in the world ranking of scientific research activity in the 2023 “Scimago Institutions Rankings” report of Elsevier Scopus database. Ranked 2nd in the list, which includes only five higher education institutions in the Republic, Azerbaijan University entered the Q1 category, which is the highest category in this rating.

The report stated that 3 international and 1 national scientific conferences were held at Azerbaijan University in the reporting year. The materials of all conferences were published in a corpus file and presented to the conference participants. 145 reports representing all higher education institutions, research institutes and institutions of the republic were heard at the 6th republican scientific conference of young researchers held on March 10, 2023. The International Conference on “Global Challenges and the Turkic World” held on April 12, 2023 was jointly organized by International University Dublin, Ege, Bitlis Eren, Trakya universities of Turkey, the Urgench State Pedagogical Institute of Uzbekistan, Russian Research Institute of Economics, Politics and Law, University of Mindanao and BZT Academy. 120 reports from 6 countries were accepted for the conference dedicated to the study of the history, culture and geopolitical situation of the Turkic world in the modern era.

The reports of full member of ANAS, academician Yagub Mahmudov, professor of Azerbaijan University Gabil Aliyev and lecturer of Ege University of Turkey Baha Ahmet Yilmaz were heard at the plenary session of the international conference on “Heydar Aliyev and the Turkic world” held on May 12, 2023. In the section meetings of the conference, discussions were held on such topics as “Heydar Aliyev and the history of the Turkic world”, “The personality of Heydar Aliyev in the philological studies of the Turkic world”, “Heydar Aliyev and the ideology of Azerbaijanism - Turkism”, “The image of Heydar Aliyev in the monuments of Culture and art of the Turkic world”, “Social and economic policy: key aspects of social and economic policy during the leadership of Heydar Aliyev”.

Azerbaijan University hosted the International Conference on “Social Work & Social Research” held on November 24-25, 2023 jointly organized by Sakarya University in Turkey, Washington University in St. Louis (USA) and the Center for Social Studies. 156 reports from 32 countries have been accepted for the conference.

The scientific journal of Azerbaijan University “Silk Road” was registered in the ERIH Plus database in 2023. Articles published in the journal since 2023 have been provided with DOI identification numbers. The first issue of the journal is dedicated to the “100th anniversary of the birth of national leader Heydar Aliyev”, 4 issues of which were published in 2023. In 2023, also was founded the “Social Issues” journal. 2 issues of the journal devoted to theories, methods and their applications on social sciences have been published so far. At present, a special edition of the “Social Work & Social Research” conference, held on November 24-25, is being prepared for publication.

It was reported that the “Hirsh index” of the University determined on the basis of the Web of Science database of the Clavierate Analytics Agency rose to 29 in 2023. Last year this number was 24.

The number of articles published by the University employees in journals indexed in the Web of Science database is 78. Azerbaijan University ranks 5th among universities in the country in terms of the number of articles. The number of references to articles published in journals indexed in the Web of Science database of the University staff is 1216. Azerbaijan University ranks 3rd among universities in the country in terms of the number of references to articles.

In 2023, the profile of Azerbaijan University was created in the Scopus database. In 2023, 89 articles of the University employees were published in journals indexed in the Scopus database. According to the number of articles in the Scopus database, Azerbaijan University ranks 6th among the country's universities. In 2023, 1,552 references were made to the articles of the University employees in the journals indexed in the Scopus database. In terms of the number of references to articles in the Scopus database, Azerbaijan University ranks 5th among the country's universities.

It was noted that in the reporting year, 85 articles of university employees were published in scientific journals published in Azerbaijan, 112 in scientific journals published abroad, and 102 in indexed journals. Of these, 38 articles were published in the largest Q1 category, 34 articles in the Q2 Category, 16 articles in the Q3 Category, 9 articles in the Q4 Category, 5 articles in the Scopus database. It was noted that 29 theses were published in the Republic and 117 theses abroad.

The report also provided information on monographs, textbooks, teaching aids published in the reporting year, the activities of student scientific societies and international scientific cooperation. Also, the names of the departments that scored the most points according to the score table compiled for the assessment of scientific activity on the departments and the system for assessing scientific-research activity applied at the University were announced. It was noted that the authors of articles published in journals indexed in accordance with the order of the Rector of Azerbaijan University dated February 05, 2018 “On encouraging employees to scientific research activities” were awarded.

At the end of her report, Latifa Aghamaliyeva congratulated the University staff on the occasion of “December 31 - the Day of Solidarity of World Azerbaijanis” and the beginning of a new calendar year, and conveyed her good wishes to them.

At the end, discussions were held around the report, questions were answered, proposals were heard.

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