The first issue of “Social Issues” magazine founded by Azerbaijan University has been published

The first issue of “Social Issues” magazine founded by Azerbaijan University has been published

14 september 2023

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The recent growing interest in such topics as social work, its organization and social policy, both in the world and in Azerbaijan, has also updated the scientific study of these issues. Taking this into account, the “Social Issues” scientific magazine was founded by decision of the Scientific Council of Azerbaijan University. The International Editorial Board of the magazine has been formed, which involves well-known scientists representing various countries of the world. The editor-in-chief of the magazine is Stefan Cojocaru, a well-known scientist in the field of social sciences, professor at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University (Iasi, Romania).

The magazine mainly provides for the publication of articles on such issues as community research, conflicts, social activities, disability, addiction problems, family, health policy, unemployment, law and society, poverty and inequality, racial and ethnic minorities, theory of social problems, mental health, social work, and education in the field of social works.

The magazine's first issue, which has just been published, features articles by authors from various countries on social work organization, child rights management systems, financial literacy and poverty reduction, and other interesting topics.

Composition of the editorial board, the geography and scientific level of the published articles give grounds for the fact that the journal will soon be accepted by the world scientific environment and will be included in the scientific indexing databases. Link to the magazine:

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