Ministry of emergency situations conducts exemplary lesson at Azerbaijan University

Ministry of emergency situations conducts exemplary lesson at Azerbaijan University

13 february 2023

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The Baku Regional Center of the Ministry of emergency situations (MES) organized an exemplary civil defense lesson for the administrative staff and students of Azerbaijan University on “Organization of population protection during emergencies”. At the event, participants were provided with detailed information about the rules of conduct during emergencies. 

The event was opened with introductory speech by chairman of the student union committee of the University, lecturer of civil defense Jabbar Mahmudov. Jabbar Mahmudov welcomed the guests and stressed the importance of exemplary lesson.  

After that, Head of the Civil Defense Department of the Baku Regional Center, Colonel Yolchu Yolchuev, noted that exemplary lesson was included in action plan at the beginning of 2023 and coincidentally coincided with strong earthquakes in Turkey. In his speech, Сolonel expressed his condolences to relatives and friends of those who died as a result of the tragedy in Turkey and wished a speedy recovery to injured and wounded.

Then, Lieutenant Colonel Togrul Valiyev, head of Emergency Situations and Civil Defense Department of Surakhani District of MES made a speech on “Organization of population protection during emergencies”, Major Renat Fazlullov, head of the Organizational Mobilization Division, on the topics “Rules of conduct in case of earthquake”, “Rules of conduct in case of landslides”, “Rules of conduct in case of fire in everyday life”, “Carbon monoxide”, “112 Hotline”, Major of internal service Farid Hasanov, Inspector of fire-fighting propaganda Division of the State Fire Control Service, on the topic “Rules for using a fire extinguisher”, Muvassil Allahverdiyev, senior adviser of the Public Relations and Publicity Department of the State Service for Control of Small Vessels and Water Rescue, 1st grade civil servant, on the topic “Safety rules on beaches”. An educational video on each topic was demonstrated and questions were answered.

The event also provided detailed information on adoption of correct position in room to ensure safety in residential buildings in the event of an earthquake, evacuation rules, chemical weapons and protective equipment, and also clearly demonstrated rules for use of primary fire extinguishing means. Also, designation of 112 Hotline was explained, it was emphasized that the most powerful weapon for protection against emergency situations is information and awareness. 

At the end of the event, employees of the State Fire Service in Nasimi district conducted demonstration of fire equipment.

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