The English Conversation Club resumes its activities

The English Conversation Club resumes its activities

28 september 2023

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The Conversation Club, established at the initiative and with the organization of the Department of Foreign Languages at Azerbaijan University, has resumed its activities since today. The first club meeting of the new academic year was moderated by Lahgazi Cherif, a student from Morocco. Lahgazi Cherif is a first-year student majoring in marketing.

The Conversation Club was attended by the students majoring in various specialties and courses of the University. Discussions and various games were held in the conversation club organized on the topic of “Culture”.

Aygun Gasymova, head of the Department of Foreign Languages, and Khanym Guliyeva, dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics, also attended the event.

The main goal of the Club is to strengthen students' knowledge of the English language, improve communication skills in English through practical communication exercises.

The Conversation Club will be organized on different days and hours of the week according to the students' schedule. Students who want to view the schedule can apply to the Department of Foreign Languages.

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