The author of the “National satellite” project held a master class at Azerbaijan University

The author of the “National satellite” project  held a master class at Azerbaijan University

03 november 2023

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The author of the project of the first national satellite of Azerbaijan, PhD in technical sciences, associate professor Mazahim Guliyev gave a master class to the students of Azerbaijan University. The master class was devoted to the topic “IT-oriented professions in demand in the labor market due to the transition to the digital economy”. 

The lesson first explained the concept, purpose and essence of digital economy. It was brought to the students' attention that the transition to the digital economy also puts pressure on the labor market, and professions that require new knowledge, skills and skills are emerging.  

Mazahim Guliyev then gave information about it-oriented professions such as robotics and automation, artificial intelligence, ux/ui design, AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality), blockchain analysis and development, digital marketing and media planning, big data, Internet of Things (iot), cloud technologies, and gave recommendations and advice on career planning, CV preparation, job search.

In his speech, Mazahim Guliyev brought to the attention information and facts of great interest of students, such as factors contributing to the inevitability of the national satellite project, the implementation of the project, Azerbaijan's membership in the World Space Club, admission to the European Broadcasting zone for representation in the Eurovision competition.

It should be noted that Mazahim Guliyev, who served as deputy chairman of the International Telecommunication Satellite Organization for Eastern Europe and North Asia region in 2013-2017, is also engaged in in pedagogical activities. He is currently a lecturer of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of Azerbaijan University. 

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