Legal awareness event was held for Social Work students

Legal awareness event on “Anti Drug Abuse” was held for students majoring in Social Work at Azerbaijan University. The lecturer of the event was Ali Mammadov, judge of the Baku Grave Crimes Court. 

The event was opened by Tunzala Verdiyeva, head of the Social Work Organization Department. Head of the Department introduced the guest to the students and thanked him for accepting the invitation. Tunzala Verdiyeva pointed out that the purpose of the event is to inform students on the problems and complications caused by drug addiction and psychotropic substances. 

Then Ali Mammadov, judge of the Baku Grave Crimes Court, was invited to the podium. Ali Mammadov noted in his speech that drug addiction is one of the global problems that concern the whole world. Drug addiction, which inflicts a huge blow on spiritual and moral values, not only poses a threat to people's health, but also leads to an increase in crime. Whether it is the fight against drug trafficking or measures to raise awareness about drug addiction, this issue is always in the focus of attention of the country's leadership. Azerbaijan is also a partner of international conventions on combating illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.

In his speech, the judge also spoke about the age of onset of drug addiction, the main reasons for taking drugs. Stressing that the physical, mental and moral damage caused by drug addiction to people is permanent, the guest said that drug addiction leads to destruction of person. Ali Mammadov also informed about preventive measures in the field of combating drug addiction and presented interesting cases to students. 

After the speech, which aroused great interest of the students, judge Ali Mammadov answered numerous questions addressed to him on the topic.

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