A masterclass was held for students majoring in Translation

A masterclass was held for students majoring in Translation

26 december 2023

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For 1st and 2nd year students studying at the Azerbaijan University in the specialty of Translation (English), a masterclass was held on the topic “Subtleties of the translator’s profession”. Khagani Aliyev, protocol specialist and translator of the US Embassy in Azerbaijan, was the speaker of the master class organized by the Department of Translation and Philology.

Opening the event, head of the Department, Associate Professor Samira Mammadova expressed gratitude for accepting the invitation to Khagani Aliyev. Head of the Department briefed the students on the subject of the training and brought to the attention that in parallel with the processes taking place in the world, the profession of translator is increasingly important.

Afterwards, Khagani Aliyev informed the students about the concept of translation, the types of translation, oral translation, written translation, simultaneous translation, consecutive translation, similarities and differences between types of translation, mistakes made during translation, skills required in the translation process, creation and development of translation habits, translation market.

At the end, answers were given to numerous questions of interest to students.

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