Tural Gojayev lectured to University of Dubrovnik students

From April 22 to 29, Tural Gojayev, Head of the Department of Economics and Management, participated in educational process at University of Dubrovnik in Croatia within the framework of the "Erasmus+ Staff Mobility" exchange program. Head of the Department gave a total of 8 academic hours of lectures to the students of this higher educational institution on the topics “Globalization and International Business”, “Trade Protectionism”, “Trade and Factor Mobility Theory”, “Global Production and Supply Chains” and “Global Marketing”.  

Tural Gojayev also made a presentation about Azerbaijan for University of Dubrovnik students. The presentation on Azerbaijan's history, economy, culture, tourism potential, as well as Azerbaijan University's activities, international relations and dual degree programs was met with interest by the participants. 

In his statement to our website, Head of the Department noted that the “Erasmus+ Staff Mobility” program is important for improving the quality of education and brings new teaching techniques to local universities: “Collaboration with foreign universities is essential for the success of universities. Development of partnerships with Croatian universities is an integral part of the internationalization strategy of Azerbaijan University. Creating an academic mobility relationship with University of Dubrovnik opens up new opportunities for academic staff who want to develop their knowledge and skills”. 

It should be noted that the “Erasmus+” exchange program implements the exchange of students, academic and administrative staff between partner universities. Students can improve their communication and language skills by studying abroad as part of the program, and acquire a number of important skills for their future working life. The program also provides for short-term participation of the academic staff in educational process of higher educational institutions of foreign countries. 

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