Trip to the Military Trophy Park is organized for students of Tourism specialty

Trip to the Military Trophy Park is organized for students of Tourism specialty

10 october 2023

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An excursion to the Military Trophy Park was organized for the 1st-year students of Azerbaijan University majoring in organization of tourism. Here students got acquainted with military equipment and ammunition taken from the occupying Armenian army in the Patriotic War that ended in victory, models of fortifications destroyed by Azerbaijani soldiers, underground roads and trenches, as well as corners organized on various topics.

Students were informed that the Military Trophy Park, covering an area of 5 hectares, was opened on April 12, 2021. President Ilham Aliyev attended the opening ceremony of the Park. The tropies exhibited here are of various purposes. These exhibits reflecting the course of the Patriotic War make it possible to recreate the battles that brought victory to Azerbaijan once again.

It was reported that among the exhibits in the park there are license plates of more than 2 thousand cars taken by the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan in the liberated territories, facts about the murder of civilians as a result of missile strikes in areas far from the battlefield and other war crimes, the remains of the Iskander-M rocket launched into the territory of Azerbaijan. Here are exhibited some of the military equipment that was taken as booty during the Patriotic War, more than 300 exhibits, including up to 150 units of heavy equipment, tanks, combat vehicles, artillery installations, anti-aircraft missile systems, small arms, military vehicles. Most of the exhibited equipment is in good condition.

In the “Cinema” room established on the territory of the Park, it is possible to watch the victory tweets of the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Supreme Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces Ilham Aliyev, his speeches on the Patriotic War, videos and short films about the Patriotic War.

Students were led by head of the Department of Finance and Accounting Nariman Boyukkishi and lecturer of the Department of Economics and Management Ulvi Suleymani. Process of organizing the trip was carried out by 4th year students majoring in tourist guidance Ulviyya Abdullayeva, Rafiga Sadigova and Abuzar Sarkhanov.

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