Professor Hasan Bulut held a scientific seminar at Azerbaijan University

Professor Hasan Bulut held a scientific seminar  at Azerbaijan University

15 november 2023

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A scientific seminar on “Applied mathematics and numerical methods” was held at the Department of Mathematics and Informatics of Azerbaijan University. Professor Hasan Bulut, head of the Department of Mathematics at the Fırat University, Turkiye, adviser on international relations to the rector of Fırat University, made a speech at the seminar.

Yusif Gasimov, vice-rector for scientific affairs, opened the event and introduced the guest to the participants. He said that Hasan Bulut, who is in the first two percent of world scientists according to his scientific results, is in the 41st place among world scientists according to the “H” index. His 249 published works were cited in Web of Science database 4899 times. According to these indicators, Prof. hasan Bulut ranks 4th in Turkey, 282nd in Europe, and 828th in the world. 

Since 2023, he is an Honorary Professor of Azerbaijan University.

Then the speaker gave a speech on “Analytical and numerical methods of solving non-linear differential equations”. The topic was devoted to providing improved methods of solving ordinary and partial differential equations, including fractional differential equations. Professor Hasan Bulut reported on the results obtained in this direction, including the theoretical and practical significance of these results. 

In the end, Hasan Bulut gave his recommendations to those who want to conduct research in this field. It was considered appropriate to conduct joint scientific research with the employees of Azerbaijan University in the future, and an agreement was reached in this direction.

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