No.3, 2019


Alijan Abbasov, Samira Rustamova (pp.5-13)
Problems of development of innovative entrepreneurship

Mahir Abbaszade (pp.14-21)
Key features of ensuring economic growth

Aghanemat Aghayev (pp.22-28)
Treasury notes issue

Konul Aghaeva (pp.29-34)
Impact of human potential on competitiveness of construction enterprizes

Ilhama Aslanova (pp.35-42)
Role of macroeconomic stability model in ensuring the sustainable economic development

Yegana Aliyeva, Aygun Huseynova (pp.43-50)
Market-analysis with associative rules for supporting decisions in the enterprise

Saadat Gandilova (pp.51-55)
Sustainable development of tourism: the case of Azerbaijan

Elnur Isayev (pp.56-59)
Mutual relationships between economic growth and inequality of income

Umid Mehdiyev (pp.60-71)
Facility location allocation problem

Chingiz Mammadov, Nurkhanim Dadashova (pp.72-77)
Economic effectiveness of the use of alternative energy sources in environmental protection

Yegana Fataliyeva (pp.78-84)
Creation of export-import banks, agencies and funds in Azerbaijan to stimulate the export and perspectives of their development

Tahir Garayev (pp.85-92)
Some issues of state support and financing of small business

Mirza Rzayev (pp.93-103)
Influence of the international migration on the economic situation of the countries and its consequences

Latif Zeynalli, Aytan Zeynalli (pp.104-115)
The impact of cluster activities on human capital and competitivenes


Nazila Abdullazade (pp.116-123)
Aliaga Vahid's creativity in Turkish scholars’ researchs

Rena Kerimova (pp.124-129)
The role of the pronouns in the actual division of the sentence in compared languages

Samira Mammadova (pp.130-136)
Integration problem in literary texts

Vusala Mirzayeva (pp.137-145)
Folklore mythological motives and magic realism problems in creative activities of African-American writers

Sadig Garayev (pp.146-153)
“The incomplete manuscript” novel by Kamal Abdulla: history in the context of modernity


Haji Narimanoglu (pp.154-164)
The support of the Ottoman state to the Zangazur province of Azerbaijan (1918-1920)

Aybeniz Kuliyeva (pp.165-172)
The final phase and the end of the cold war