Lecturer of the Economics and Management Department was sent to Croatia

Lecturer of the Economics and Management Department Elvin Karimov was sent to University of Dubrovnik in Croatia within the framework of “Erasmus+ Staff Mobility” exchange program. Elvin Karimov, who participated in the educational process of this University, gave a lecture on “Tropicana's packaging redesign failure” to Erasmus students. 

As part of the visit, our lecturer also visited the Public Relations Department of the University. Relations between the two universities, marketing activities of universities, cultural relations and differences between Azerbaijan and Croatia, the use of social media in marketing activities and other issues were discussed at the meeting held in a friendly atmosphere. 

Elvin Karimov also made a presentation about Azerbaijan for the students of University of Dubrovnik. 

It should be noted that the “Erasmus+” exchange program implements the exchange of students, academic and administrative staff between partner universities. Students can improve their communication and language skills by studying abroad as part of the program, and acquire a number of important skills for their future working life. The program also provides for short-term participation of the academic staff in educational process of higher educational institutions of foreign countries. 

Public Relations Department