Social work

  • Speciality: Social work 
  • Faculty: Humanities
  • Study level: Undergraduate
  • Duration of studies: 8 semesters (4 years)
  • Availability of specialisation: Social worker 
  • Availability of foundation year: N/A
  • Language(s) of instruction: Az, En
  • Qualification: Social worker 
  • Tuition fees: 2000-2700-3000 AZN

What is a social work major, and what does it study?

Social work is a practice-based profession, including an academic discipline that promotes social change and development, as well as empowerment and liberation of people. Principles of human rights, collective responsibility, as well as respect for diversity are central to social work.


Those studying the social work specialty acquire knowledge such as the theory and history of social work, legal protection, economic foundations, and modern theories of social welfare. They have an internship in social security agencies created for different groups of citizens, clinics, and rehabilitation centers.

The perspective of the major

Social work is one of the most demanded and dynamically developing professions in modern conditions. Social changes that take place in society require highly qualified specialists who can quickly and competently perform the tasks assigned to them. Also, there is a need for high-level specialists who can work with different categories of people and have a positive impact on society with their professional activities.

Career opportunities

The profession of a social worker is multi-directional and multi-faceted. These specialists can work in the field of formation and implementation of state social policy and non-commercial sectors.

Potential jobs for social work graduates

  • State and municipal structures;
  • Medical care institutions;
  • Family and child welfare centers;
  • Rehabilitation centers;
  • Daycare centers;
  • Education and training institutions;
  • International and local NGOs;
  • Charitable organizations

You can download the study schedule of the Social work major HERE (full time)

You can download the study schedule of the Social work major HERE (by correspondence)