Beynəlxalq əlaqələr şöbəsi

The International Relations Department is the main structure implementing the University's foreign policy. The Department carries out its activities in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the normative-legal acts regulating the activities of Azerbaijan University, and the charter of the International Relations Department.

The main purpose and mission of the Department are to ensure the University's foreign policy and activities, create exchange opportunities for academic staff and students, provide support to incoming and outgoing academic staff from abroad, implement protocol services, and manage acquired and existing grants. The Department also offers professional support and advisory services related to education, life, and various other activities at the University to international students, scholars, and guests.


The International Relations Office of Azerbaijan University is committed to facilitating and enhancing the university's global engagement by fostering international partnerships, promoting cross-cultural exchange, and supporting the integration of an international perspective into the academic and cultural fabric of the university. Our mission is to provide comprehensive services that support the internationalization of education, research, and collaboration.


Our vision is to be a dynamic and indispensable hub that connects the university to the global community. We aspire to cultivate a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive international campus environment, where students, faculty, and staff can thrive in an atmosphere of cross-cultural understanding and cooperation. Through strategic initiatives and partnerships, we aim to position Azerbaijan University as a globally recognized institution committed to addressing global challenges through collaborative and innovative approaches.

Our Aims:

  • Management of developing and strengthening relations with partner universities abroad;
  • Enhance the capacities of the University for national, regional and international competition;
  • Organize summer schools, international conferences and other international projects;
  • Contribute to a multicultural and diverse environment in the university;
  • Develop an appropriate and sustainable internationalization strategy (Internationalize the education within all programs);
  • Search for both national and international funding programs;
  • Managing international programs and projects;
  • Coordinating staff and student mobility.