‘Employee of the month’ for December is Orkhan Guliev
30 december 2019
Winter exam session has started at Azerbaijan University
30 december 2019
Happy Solidarity Day!
30 december 2019
The novel "The Luzhin's defense" by Nabokov in translation by Safar Kalbihanli
28 december 2019
Azerbaijan University finished 2019
27 december 2019
Azerbaijan University held an event called "Nasimi is eternity"
26 december 2019
“The first step in a career” was held for students
25 december 2019
Today is the birthday of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev
24 december 2019
The winter exam session at Azerbaijan University will start on the 30th of December
24 december 2019
The deadline for applying for doctoral and dissertation applications has been extended until December 26
24 december 2019
A conference on " Don`t be addicted, Be free" was held at Azerbaijan University
20 december 2019
Students of Azerbaijan University continues excursion to the Painting Museum
19 december 2019
Azercosmos awarded ICT students of Azerbaijan University with certificates
19 december 2019
A round table devoted to the 100th anniversary of Ismail Shikhly was held at the Department of Azerbaijani Language and Literature
18 december 2019
Azerbaijan University celebrated the 110th anniversary of academician Mammad Jafar Jafarov
17 december 2019
Azerbaijan University will provide consultation services on foreign language exams for doctoral candidates
16 december 2019
Nationwide leader Heydar Aliyev memory honored at Azerbaijan University
12 december 2019
Lecture on "Social Work and Human Rights" by the Empathy Club
10 december 2019
Professor of Azerbaijan University participated at international congress in Belarus
09 december 2019
Presentation of Michelle Fuco's book “Words and Illustrations” translated by Korkhmaz Guliyev was at Azerbaijan University
06 december 2019
Next Traditional Chess Tournament at Azerbaijan University
06 december 2019
The students of Azerbaijan University visited the "Fragile frontiers"exhibition
05 december 2019
Ilham Zakiyev met with students of Azerbaijan University
03 december 2019
"Employee of the Month" for November is Rajab Ismayilov
02 december 2019
Lecture presentation on "The role of social workers in the fight against AIDS"
29 november 2019
Seminar on “Personality theory and sleep analysis” was held
29 november 2019
Professor of the Sorbonne University spoke at the conference dedicated to the gender problem
28 november 2019
International conference dedicated to gender problems was held at Azerbaijan University
27 november 2019
An international scientific conference will start at Azerbaijan University tomorrow
26 november 2019
Lecture-Presentation Dedicated to the Struggle against Woman Violence
25 november 2019
A meeting with the National Poet Vahid Aziz was held at the Azerbaijan University
22 november 2019
The following seminar on the rules of writing scientific articles
21 november 2019
Professor of Azerbaijan University participated in the international symposium in Turkey
21 november 2019
Azerbaijan University students experienced "Peripheral Expansion" exhibition
20 november 2019
Traditional domestic Chess Tournament will be held at Azerbaijan University
19 november 2019
Azerbaijan University joins the Student-Volunteer Program “BIR”
18 november 2019
Students of Azerbaijan University attended the info tour at SOCAR
15 november 2019
Our students participated in the conference dedicated to Nasimi
15 november 2019
Our students were qualified for the semi-finals of the programming competition
14 november 2019
Our students got exceptional results in the knowledge contest "Heydar Aliyev and Azerbaijan history"
14 november 2019
Training on
14 november 2019
The event on “International Day of Vision Disabilities” was held
13 november 2019
Azerbaijan University will hold a conference with British University
13 november 2019
3 teams of Azerbaijan University took part in the programming competition
12 november 2019
Masters Held Training at the Secondary Music School Named after Bulbul
12 november 2019
The students of Azerbaijan University visited Art Museum
08 november 2019
Azerbaijan University celebrates National Flag Day
08 november 2019
Presentation of the International Public Speaking Competition held at Azerbaijan University
07 november 2019
A lecture dedicated to Ahmed bey Agaoglu was organized at Azerbaijan University
06 november 2019
Informal Lesson on “XVIII Century German Literature”
06 november 2019
“Chinese Day” a cultural event was held at Azerbaijan University
05 november 2019
The Vice-rector of Azerbaijan University delivers the lecture in International Mathematics School
04 november 2019
Gunay Vahidzade as the October “Employee of the Month”
01 november 2019
An open lesson on "Forms and clinical manifestations of drug addiction" was held
01 november 2019
Professor Korkhmaz Guliyev's new translation book has been published
31 october 2019
Tourism students have been on excursion to the Museum of Miniature Book
31 october 2019
The Vice-rector of Azerbaijan University will hold a seminar at International Mathematics School
30 october 2019
AFFA held a presentation at Azerbaijan University
30 october 2019
Azerbaijan University demonstrates documentary entitled “The Great Leader”
29 october 2019
Azerbaijan University Received the İnternational Quality Certificate
28 october 2019
Students of Azerbaijan University participated in the Innovation Week
28 october 2019
The training “The first step in a successful career” was held for students
28 october 2019
The program "Discover Your Voice" was presented to the students
25 october 2019
Sustainable development and actual problems of humanitarian sciences are discussed at Azerbaijan University
24 october 2019
Republican conference “Long-term development and actual problems of the humanities” has finished
24 october 2019
A new edition of the scientific journal “Ipek Yolu” has been released
23 october 2019
Professor Kamran Aliyev gave an interview to Azertag
23 october 2019
The first-year students get acquainted with the usage of Library Information Center
22 october 2019
The students of History Faculty went on an excursion in Gobustan
22 october 2019
Writer Elkhan Elatli met with the students at Azerbaijani University
22 october 2019
The Confucius Center held a training on "Education in China"
21 october 2019
Discussion club "Education in the Digital World" was held for students
21 october 2019
Azerbaijan University celebrates Independence Day
18 october 2019
Azerbaijan University is expanding its cooperation with the Ukrainian University
18 october 2019
The next master class for doctoral students and respondents was organized
17 october 2019
Azerbaijan University was awarded at the presentation of master's degree program on youth affairs
17 october 2019
Employees of the Azerbaijan University and the University of the Czech Republic completed a joint research work
16 october 2019
The next training of Clarivate Analytics was held at Azerbaijan University
15 october 2019
Department of Social Work Organization held a lecture on "Don’t be trapped"
14 october 2019
Azerbaijan University held business meetings at the International Education Exhibition
13 october 2019
Azerbaijan University introduces dual Diploma Program at International Education Exhibition
12 october 2019
The Azerbaijan University is successfully represented in international education exhibition
11 october 2019
Our teacher participated in the seminar in Georgia
09 october 2019
Professor Kazanfar Kazimov gave a lecture to the philology students
09 october 2019
Social work students attended the lecture on "Why Social Work?"
08 october 2019
Azerbaijan University will participate at Education exhibition with MiniLab
07 october 2019
"Employee of the Month" for September is Elbrus Orujov
04 october 2019
A master class was held for undergraduates, doctoral students and candidates for a degree
03 october 2019
Azerbaijan University starts registration for internal dual diploma program
02 october 2019
Professor Qüdrət İsmayılzadə tələbələrə mühazirə oxuyub
01 october 2019
The textbook was published under the co-authorship by Professor Gabil Aliyev
30 september 2019
Professor Mais Aliyev was Elected As a Member of the Public Council
27 september 2019
Azerbaijan University will hold conference on gender problem internationally
26 september 2019
The student of AU Toghrul Guliyev participated in the internship abroad
25 september 2019
The organizational rules of teaching by credit system were explained to students
24 september 2019
Azerbaijan University is launching a dual degree program
23 september 2019
A master class for undergraduates and PhDs will be conducted
20 september 2019
The presentation of “Baku IdeaLab” was held for the students
20 september 2019
International Education Exhibition preparations continue
19 september 2019
The sixth number of the magazine "Çaĝlayan" was published
18 september 2019
The doctoral student of Azerbaijan University received his Ph.D. degree
18 september 2019
The acceptance of articles for the autum conferences is still underway at Azerbaijan University
17 september 2019
A new Academic year begins at Azerbaijan University
16 september 2019
International Summer School at Azerbaijan University has ended
13 september 2019
Professor Asif Hajiyev's books are on sale on “Amazon”
11 september 2019
International Summer School has started at Azerbaijan University
09 september 2019
Türkiyədə Azərbaycan Universitetinin həmtəşkilatçılığı ilə beynəlxalq simpozium keçirilir
09 september 2019
Azərbaycan Universitetinin əməkdaşı dosent elmi adı alıb
06 september 2019
A “placement test” was conducted in English
04 september 2019
Avqust ayının əməkdaşı Fuad Qırxlarovdur
01 september 2019
Bakı Dövlət Universitetini 100 illik yubileyi münasibətilə təbrik edirik
29 august 2019
Today is the First Vice-President of Azerbaijan - Mehriban Aliyeva`s birthday
26 august 2019
Azərbaycan Universitetinə qəbul olan abituriyent və subbakalavrların qeydiyyatı davam edir
26 august 2019
Azərbaycan Universiteti subbakalavrlar üçün “part-time” təhsil modelini tətbiq edəcək
22 august 2019
Azərbaycan Universitetinin tələbələri beynəlxalq PTE sertifikatı alıb
21 august 2019
Azərbaycan Universiteti rektorunun müşaviri Nüşabə Quliyevanın Almaniyada kitabı çap olunub
20 august 2019
Azərbaycan Universitetinə 36 tələbə dövlət sifarişi ilə qəbul olub
20 august 2019
İngilis dili üzrə yerləşdirmə testi 4 sentyabr tarixində keçiriləcəkdir
19 august 2019
Azərbaycan Universiteti Abituriyent Məsləhət Mərkəzi şənbə-bazar günlərində fəaliyyət göstərəcək
16 august 2019
Azərbaycan Universiteti bakalavriat pilləsi üzrə boş qalan plan yerlərinə qəbul elan edir
12 august 2019
Azərbaycan Universitetinə qəbul olan abituriyentlərin qeydiyyatı avqustun 15-də başlayacaq
09 august 2019
AGP Bakı Şəhər Sessiyasının təlimləri Azərbaycan Universitetində keçirilib
08 august 2019
Azərbaycan Universiteti Abituriyent Məsləhət Mərkəzində 620 abituriyentə xidmət göstərilib
07 august 2019
Acceptance of articles to conference on "Sustainable development and actual problems of humanitarian sciences" is underway
06 august 2019
Azərbaycan Universiteti təhsil sərgisində iştirak edəcək
05 august 2019
Abituriyent Məsləhət Mərkəzi şənbə-bazar günlərində fəaliyyət göstərəcək
03 august 2019
A new issue of Caglayan magazine is being published
02 august 2019
Graduates and students of the Azerbaijan University have started work at the DOST agency
01 august 2019
Elvin Talışinski Özbəkistan radiosunda çıxış edib
01 august 2019
Abituriyent Məsləhət Mərkəzi 19, 26 və 27 avqust tarixlərində də fəaliyyət göstərəcək
31 july 2019
10% discount will be applied to graduates of Azerbaijan University
30 july 2019
146 citizens have been serviced at the entrant's counseling center at the Azerbaijan University for 2 days
26 july 2019
Azərbaycan Universiteti magistraturanın boş qalan plan yerlərinə qəbul elan edir
23 july 2019
Abituriyentlər məsləhət üçün Azərbaycan Universitetinə müraciət edə bilərlər
22 july 2019
Azərbaycan Universiteti abituriyentlərə 4 yeni ixtisas təklif edir
19 july 2019
Two students from Azerbaijan University will continue their education in Germany
18 july 2019
Azərbaycan Universitetindən “Köçkünlərlə bərabərik” aksiyasına dəstək
17 july 2019
Azerbaijan University was represented at the conference “Media and Education Dialogue”
16 july 2019
Azərbaycan Universitetində yay semestri başlayıb
15 july 2019
Magistraturanın boş qalan plan yerlərinə qəbul aparılacaq
11 july 2019
Professor Qabil Əliyev yüksək dövlət mükafatı ilə təltif edilib
10 july 2019
Azərbaycan dili və ədəbiyyat kafedrasının əməkdaşları “ICLEC 2019”da məruzə ilə çıxış edib
09 july 2019
Azərbaycan Universitetinin 2 əməkdaşı dosent elmi adı alıb
08 july 2019
Azərbaycan Universiteti Filologiya (İngilis dilı və ədəbiyyatı) ixtisası üzrə kadr hazırlığına başlayır
07 july 2019
Azərbaycan Universitetinin rektoru Səadət Əliyevanın yeni kitabı çap olunub
05 july 2019
Azərbaycan Universiteti II ixtisas qrupu abituriyentlərinə 2 yeni ixtisas təklif edir
05 july 2019
Teachers of Azerbaijan University participated in the international congress in Turkey
04 july 2019
Azərbaycan Universiteti bakalavriat pilləsinə 16 ixtisas üzrə qəbul aparacaq
03 july 2019
İyun ayının əməkdaşı Günay İsmayılovadır
01 july 2019
Azərbaycan Universitetinin XXV buraxılış Məzun Günü keçirilib
28 june 2019
Azerbaijan University starts cooperation with Ukrainian University
24 june 2019
Azərbaycan Universiteti I qrup abituriyentlərə yeni ixtisas təklif edir
22 june 2019
Magistraturaya qeydiyyat 27 iyunda başlayacaq
21 june 2019
Azərbaycan Universiteti sağlam həyat tərzinin təbliği layihələrini dəstəkləyir
20 june 2019
Azerbaijan University is enhancing its relationship with Dubrovnik University
19 june 2019
An international symposium co-organized by Azerbaijan University will be held in Turkey
18 june 2019
Ümummilli liderin Azərbaycan rəhbərliyinə qayıdışı ilə bütün sahələrdə dönüş yarandı
15 june 2019
New number of the journal of Azerbaijan University “Ipek Yolu” was dedicated to the genius poet Nasimi
14 june 2019
Təlim və Tədris Mərkəzində təhsil tətbiqlərinə həsr olunmuş seminar keçirilib
13 june 2019
Azərbaycan Universitetinin komandası “CanSat Azərbaycan”ın finalına vəsiqə qazanıb
11 june 2019
Maliyyə və iqtisadiyyat kafedrasına Böyük Britaniyalı professor rəhbərlik edəcək
10 june 2019
Azerbaijan Universıty was represented at the internatıonal event in Germany
07 june 2019
Azərbaycan Universiteti müəllimlərin işə qəbulunu elan edir
04 june 2019
Yaz imtahan sessiyası başlayır
02 june 2019
“The employee of the month”for May is Tahmina Novruzlu
31 may 2019
Next event dedicated to Nasimi's creative-activity in Azerbaijan University
30 may 2019
The Project of Audiobook has taken place at Azerbaijan University
29 may 2019
Today is Republic Day in Azerbaijan
28 may 2019
Azerbaijan University announces admission for master degree
26 may 2019
Problems and prospects of higher education discussed at Azerbaijan University
23 may 2019
Problems and prospects of higher education will be discussed at Azerbaijan University
22 may 2019
Azerbaijan University will hold two scientific conferences in autumn
21 may 2019
Students of Azerbaijan University visited mountain Jews synagogue
19 may 2019
Four specialties are taught at Azerbaijan University on major group III
18 may 2019
A Meeting with Turkish Singer at Azerbaijan University
17 may 2019
Azerbaijan University Organized V Career Day
16 may 2019
Azerbaijan University held “Round table” dedicated to International Day of Families
15 may 2019
Azerbaijan University offers seven majors on the II major group
15 may 2019
Azerbaijan University offers Computer Engineering to I major group applicants
11 may 2019
National leader Heydar Aliyev remembered at Azerbaijan University
10 may 2019
Azerbaijan University suggests 2 Diploma in 4 years
07 may 2019
Our students watched a play in the State Pantomime Theatre
07 may 2019
Sociologist Ahmed Mansurov conducted a lecture for the Social Work students
07 may 2019
Our teacher was on business trip in Turkey within the exchange program
06 may 2019
Azerbaijan University is on the way to the next scientific conference
06 may 2019
Azerbaijan University has participated in the educaion exhibition of Zefer Courses
05 may 2019
Students of Azerbaijan University will receive international computer and language certificates
03 may 2019
“ACCA F3 Financial Accounting” training for students
03 may 2019
A Croatian teacher has held a seminar for graduate students
03 may 2019
Our students attended the conference dedicated to the Social Work teaching
30 april 2019
Our students qualified for the final stage of olympiad
30 april 2019
Preliminary discussion of doctorate Gulnar Rzayeva's dissertation
30 april 2019
“The employee of the month”for April is Garanfil Badirova
30 april 2019
Croatian Vice Rector will deliver a lecture at Azerbaijan University
29 april 2019
Our students have participated in an international conference
29 april 2019
V European Economic Congress ended
27 april 2019
The three-day international event starts at Azerbaijan University today
25 april 2019
V European Economic Congress has started its work at Azerbaijan University
25 april 2019
The next seminar was held at the Teaching and Learning Center
24 april 2019
The next lecture on career promotion has been held for students
23 april 2019
Head narcologist Araz Manuchehri delivered a lecture to the students of Azerbaijan University
23 april 2019
Azərbaycan Universitetində “Şərq-Qərb” Nəşriyyat Evinin sərgisi təşkil olunub
22 april 2019
"Community Building" training was held at Azerbaijan University
19 april 2019
Reports from 13 countries have been received for the event at Azerbaijan University
18 april 2019
Türkiyənin nümayəndə heyəti Azərbaycan Universitetində olub
17 april 2019
“Open Door” Days starts at Azerbaijan University
15 april 2019
Doctoral candidate Ceyhun Bayramli's preliminary discussion was held
15 april 2019
A seminar on "The Reality of the 21st Century and Contemporary American Literature" was held at the Azerbaijan University
15 april 2019
Specific features of social work with communities were discussed at Azerbaijan University
12 april 2019
Professor of Azerbaijan University Gabil Aliyev's new book has been published
11 april 2019
Azərbaycan Universitetinin kollektivi cəbhə bölgəsinə səfər edib
10 april 2019
A professor of Azerbaijan University was elected a member of the public council
09 april 2019
Our collaborators participated in the next PETRA trainings
08 april 2019
“Autizmli şəxslərin sosial adaptasiyası” adlı dəyirmi masa təşkil olunub
05 april 2019
Event devoted to Adil Babayev at Azerbaijan University
04 april 2019
Azerbaijan University does not forget Fakhraddin Gurbanli, the martyr graduate
03 april 2019
Azerbaijan University was awarded with appreciation
03 april 2019
Preliminary Discussion of Khumar Abdullayeva’s doctorate dissertation
02 april 2019
The first year students watched the film “Story of a Hero in Lalatepe (Lalatepede yazilan dastan)”
01 april 2019
Saadat Hajiyeva is the “Employee of the Month” for March
01 april 2019
Azerbaijan University Held an Event Dedicated to the Day of Genocide of Azerbaijanis
28 march 2019
The event dedicated to the "Science Day" was held at Azerbaijan University
27 march 2019
Novruz bayramınız mübarək!
20 march 2019
Azerbaijan University joined the "DOST khonchasi" campaign
19 march 2019
Azərbaycan Universitetində Novruz Bayramına həsr olunmuş müsabiqə keçirilib
19 march 2019
Enterprise Azerbaijan held startup training at Azerbaijan University
18 march 2019
Azerbaijan University held the next Scientific Conference of Young Researchers
15 march 2019
The preparations of the II republican scientific conference of young researchers completed
14 march 2019
Academician Yagub Mahmudov gave an exemplary talk
14 march 2019
The Applicant Counseling Center will operate at Azerbaijan University
14 march 2019
Trainings for those who want to receive an invigilator certificate are held at Azerbaijan University
12 march 2019
Azerbaijan University students will receive ECDL certificate
12 march 2019
Erasmus visit of German professor to Azerbaijan University has come to an end
11 march 2019
The rector of Azerbaijan University has rewarded the lady colleagues
07 march 2019
The staff members of Azerbaijan University are sent to Croatia on an official journey
06 march 2019
Professor of Azerbaijan University Asif Hajiyev has prepared tutorials for Russian students
05 march 2019
The film “Native land lesson: Evidence” has been shown at Azerbaijan University
01 march 2019
Fevral ayının əməkdaşı Səadət Paşayevadır
28 february 2019
"Imadeddin Nasimi Auditorium" was created at Azerbaijan University
27 february 2019
Memorial event dedicated to Khojaly Genocide was held at Azerbaijan University
26 february 2019
The German professor will deliver a lecture at Azerbaijan University
25 february 2019
V European Economic Congress to be held at Azerbaijan University will focus on “Global Economic Trends”
19 february 2019
161 students of Azerbaijan University started their production practice
18 february 2019
Winners of the inner university selection round of the “Accounting Olympics” were known
13 february 2019
Magistratura tələbələri təcrübəyə başlayıblar
12 february 2019
Azerbaijan University has developed an action plan for “A Year of Nasimi”
08 february 2019
Azerbaijan University extends the cooperation with the WSB University of Poland
07 february 2019
The winter examination session has come to an end at Azerbaijan University
07 february 2019
The students of Azerbaijan University will study in Germany, Italy and Croatia
04 february 2019
Professor Asif Hacıyevin kitabı haqqında Rusiyada resenziya dərc olunub
01 february 2019
The meeting was held with newly admitted PhD students
01 february 2019
Rahimə Mayılova is the “Employee of the month” for January
31 january 2019
II republican conference of young researchers will be held at Azerbaijan University
28 january 2019
Professor of Azerbaijan University Gorkmaz Guliyev's new book has been published
25 january 2019
20 January events were commemorated at Azerbaijan University
19 january 2019
Schedule of delayed doctoral and dissertation entrance examinations on the PhD program
18 january 2019
A new center has been launched at Azerbaijan University
14 january 2019
Azerbaijan University will host 5 scientific conferences in 2019
10 january 2019
Fəlsəfə doktoru proqramı üzrə doktorantura və dissertanturaya qəbul imtahanlarının qrafiki
08 january 2019
Winter examination session has started at Azerbaijan University
03 january 2019
"Employee of the Month" for December is Turkana Ahmadova
01 january 2019